Summer 2019 Internship


We believe in the potential of a generation of young people to become world–changers, impacting the kingdom of God in massive ways. As an intern at The Bridge Fellowship, you will be equipped professionally, personally and spiritually, while also being developed as a leader. You will have the opportunity to sit under the teaching of our leaders, be exposed to TBF’s culture, and work in proximity to the TBF Staff Team. We’ll challenge you to be greater as you invest in something with a global impact, leveraging your life for what matters most.

If you are interested in our TBF Summer Internship (or know someone that would be) please click here fill out the application.

Applications are due no later than February 1, 2019.

The official start date for interns is Sunday, May 19. Your internship will end Sunday, August 4. We take our job seriously in wanting you to be more equipped for life & ministry by the time your internship is complete.

• Must be at least 19 years of age
• Must be a Christ-follower & agree with the vision of The Bridge Fellowship
• Professional behavior & communication, both written & oral
• Ability to develop relationships with different types of people
• Ability to communicate the gospel to students & adults
• Takes initiative to problem solve
• Not easily overwhelmed in stressful situations
• Attention to detail
• Flexibility/ability to adapt
• Knowledge of general software (Word/Pages, Excel/Numbers, etc)
• Commitment to biblical confrontation

Your weekly schedule will be set at the beginning of the summer. You are expected to be at all three services on Sunday and can leave when other staff members leave and all issues are resolved. You will be assigned a specific place to serve each weekend at the Lebanon or Watertown campus. Please understand that weekends and Wednesday evenings are the most important days of your work and you will not be able to have many of these days off. The interns will periodically meet with staff members for ministry training. You will have one week of unpaid vacation. Your vacation dates must be approved by the staff at the beginning of the summer.

Strongly preferred dates that you are not on vacation:
• May 19 - June 19
• July 10 - 13 (Zapped Children’s Ministry Event)
• July 29 - August 4

• We’d prefer you miss a Sunday over a Wednesday night. Wednesdays are crucial to maintaining relationships with students.

Your first few weeks will be consumed with camp planning and will be more administrative since we are gearing up for the summer. Your schedule after camp will be mostly consumed with investing and discipling. Having a servant’s heart and going above and beyond what is asked of you is appreciated and expected. Each intern will teach, but we will do our part in helping you prepare and be ready for this experience. We will have several short and long-term projects you will be working on throughout the summer, including a children’s ministry event. You will receive a Bridge email account your first week. Please check this email every day and respond to emails professionally. You will also receive a key card to get in to the church. Interns who are not local will have housing supplied. See below for expectations in living at a host home.

You will get paid $325 per week via direct deposit. You will not be reimbursed for mileage and ministry outings. All interns are required to maintain health insurance during the summer. You are expected to tithe 10% of your income during your time at The Bridge. Tithing is a non-negotiable. You are expected to have a working car, computer & phone at all times during the summer. We strongly suggest you not have another job during the summer so that you can be available for ministry.

1. Do not be alone with a minor of the opposite sex at any point during the summer.
2. It is not acceptable to develop an emotional/sexual relationship with a minor. You may not date a minor or behave in any way that may be misconstrued as flirting (including all technology & text).
3. Make sure that you have parents’ consent before minors attend an outing with you.
4. Carry the attitude of a servant. Be willing to do even the menial tasks. There may be times when you are asked to assist other Bridge staff members in their area of ministry. Our staff functions as a team and it is important for you to be a part of this team during the summer.
5. Take initiative. Learn to work without close supervision.
6. If any minor communicates that a crime has been committed, you must report to your supervisor immediately (including crimes committed against them such as abuse).
7. Interns should keep themselves well-groomed and dressed appropriately for particular tasks. The Bridge is a casual place, but please be dressed appropriately. No workout pants or shorts. Err on the side of modesty.
8. You will be expected to support the work of the church and staff. If you cause disunity in the church, this is grounds for being dismissed.
9. Be intentional to build relationships with all children, students and adult leaders. Be sensitive to children or students who are on the fringe and try to make them feel included.
10. Understand that anything posted on social media sites can be seen by students, parents & leaders. There is a higher standard as an intern.
11. Get outings with minors approved by your supervisor.
12. Do not bully or prank anyone, child or adult.
13. Support and respect all adults, including parents, leaders, and staff.
14. Keep all Bridge child and family information confidential. Issues and problems can be addressed among the staff but should not be discussed with other leaders or church members. Sharing confidential information is grounds for dismissal.
15. You must fill out all forms during training week. 
16. Interns cannot date other interns during the internship.

Expectations for Living at a Host Home
1. Learn and follow the family’s rules.
2. Participate in normal household routines, including laundry, sharing of chores, meal times, and curfews. Ask how you can help around the house. Thank them often.
3. Be responsible for the house keys.
4. Know emergency procedures, including phone numbers.
5. Communicate and respect the hosts’ views on inviting friends over.
6. Be respectful of family time (for example, do not be on your phone if you’re eating a meal together).
7. Communicate with hosts about your schedule so they will know how to plan for dinner, outings, security systems, etc.
8. Keep your area clean.

* We will check with hosts to see how you are doing as a guest.


Nolan Wilson | Student Pastor | | 580.307.4412
Daria Hopper | Student Ministry Coordinator | | 615.887.3691