Welcome to the Family!

We are thrilled that you have made the decision to follow Jesus! We want to help you start your relationship with Him. 

Here are few things to help guide you in your faith: 


    Baptism is a unique opportunity to tell others about your faith in Jesus. It is a symbol of the new life you began when you started following Jesus. It is a symbol of your old life dying (going under the water) and your new life (coming out of the water). We would love for you to sign up for one of our baptism weekends on March 28 + April 11. 

    Click here to sign up on March 28.

    Click here to sign up on April 11. 

  • BIBLE APP + purchase a bible

    Having a copy of God's Word is important for learning about God. 

    Click here to purchase a Bible from Amazon.

    Click here to download the Bible app (YouVersion).

    YouVersion is a great tool for bible reading plans and daily devotional time in the Word. 

  • Read THE "start here" BOOK

    This book navigates what it is like to seek God. Start Here answers questions such as: If God is real, now what? What is the relationship between God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit? What does the church have to do with my life and my faith? Why did Jesus have to die? Isn’t grace too good to be true? Can I accept that Jesus is the way to God? Following Jesus isn’t about rules—it’s all about relationship. So start here to find practical help and encouraging stories about what authentic Christianity looks like. 

    Click here to purchase this book on Amazon.

    Or you can pick up a free printed copy of this book in the lobby this Sunday, March 7. 



    YOU matter to us! We would love for you to consider joining us at TBF 101 on May 2. Why? We want to get to know you and hear your story! Click here to register.