Wednesday, May 27

We are so excited to share with you that we are moving into Phase Two of our reopening plan on Sunday, June 14. During this phase, we will hold three identical services at 9:00am, 10:45am, and 5:00pm. We will accept 140 registrations for each service. You must be registered to attend. At this time, children younger than 6th grade will not be allowed into the building. 


Masks are encouraged and families will be spaced apart. We encourage at-risk individuals to continue watching online from home. We will have a place for people to drop their offering, but we will not pass buckets. We will not have children’s activities or refreshments available. Sanitizer will be available and we will disinfect the building between services. Participants will receive instruction on how to enter and exit the building. 

More information on registering for a service will come closer to June 14. We have missed you greatly and cannot wait to begin meeting together again soon. 

Saturday, May 9

While we miss our TBF family and long to be back together, we also have obstacles and limitations on meeting together in person. COVID-19 has created a complex situation for churches, but we believe that God is still at work in the midst of difficult times. 

As a church, we believe it is important to meet social distancing requirements that our leaders have encouraged us to follow. Because of this, we will be reopening TBF in phases. We do not think it would be wise for us to meet in person during the month of May. We want to do our part to minimize the spread of this virus in our community. Even when we reopen, our in-person experience will immediately look different. For example, entry to the service will require registration in advance so that we can stay at a safe distance given by the CDC. Because so many people are watching online and we cannot safely open our classrooms yet, we will not allow children younger than 6th grade into the service during Phase Two.

Because we can’t wait to celebrate together again, we wanted to give you our plan for reopening in phases. We are currently in Phase One.


Each phase will be followed by a careful evaluation before we move to the next phase. At any point we could be advised by local officials to go back to a previous phase. This is an ever-changing situation. We will continue to update you when we plan to move to the next phase. We appreciate your prayers, faithful giving, and understanding during this time. We love you and miss you dearly. 


Please take this survey here to help us understand how you feel about meeting in-person.