Welcome to tbfKids!

We are so glad your family visited The Bridge Fellowship! Thank you for allowing us to serve your children. Our staff and volunteers hope you had a meaningful worship experience. We strive to do everything we can to keep your child safe and healthy while they are in our care. Thank you for partnering with us by letting us know their allergy or other needs. Starting with our one-year olds, we offer a snack to your child on Sundays. We do not allow your child to have any food or beverage that could aggravate or cause a food allergy or other medical condition in other children. At our check in stations, we will have an allergy sticker that we ask you place on your child each week. 

Thank you for entrusting your children to us! We consider it a privilege to serve your family. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask any of our children's ministry staff or volunteers.  Below you will find some important information that will help you and your family navigate tbfKids ministry. 

Age Groups

Waypoints: Infants, Crawlers, Walkers, Toddlers, + Preschool

The Zone: Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Merge: 3rd Grade - 5th Grade

How to Check In on Sundays

When you first arrive on Sunday mornings, you can find four check in stations located throughout the building. We have one in our babies and crawlers room. One located outside our twos room. One located upstairs and in the hallway of our preschool room. One located at the desk near the Zone room. Once you are at our check in stations please follow the instructions below. 

If you have one child, type his or her name to search. Click the arrow to the right and take your child's name tag and your parent security badge. If you have more than one child in our kids ministry you can choose one of your children's names to search. Immediately your other children should pull up on the computer screen and you can click the arrows to the right to check them all in. 

If your child is in birth - preschool classes you can place their tag on their back. If your child is in the Zone you can place their tag on the front of their shirt. The parent badge is your retrieval tag to pick up your child. You can tear your pick up badge in half so each parent can have one. 

Important Information

Child protection is a priority to us! All our volunteers have current background checks and up-to-date training. We use a secure computer check in system for our kids and we are diligent about using parent security badges for pick up. 

Starting in our toddler class and going through Merge, your child will bring home a weekly take-home. It is a great resource on how to live out what they learned through the week. Also, be sure to look for information in your child's take-home to see how you can watch the current lesson online!

Legacy Countdown is a great app for parents of preschoolers to teens. It provides a countdown of the days you have until your child's graduation. Cost is free. A second app is Parent Cue which provides ideas on how to bring faith home from playtime to bedtime. For parents of preschoolers through elementary age. Cost is $1.99. 

We believe that God designed the family as the primary place for discipleship. The Faith Path initiative exists to partner with you as you guide your child's faith journey with suggested practices and milestones at certain ages. However, you know your child best and can determine the most appropriate time to emphasize each step. You receive email prompts at your child's birthday.