May 29 - June 2, 2023

Jonathan Creek Camp in Hardin, Kentucky


Scholarships are available. Click the below button to apply

Camp is for the Next Generation to experience Jesus and have insane amounts of fun! You do not have to attend The Bridge Fellowship on a regular basis to attend.

Current 1st + 2nd Grades (May 29 - May 31)*
Current 3rd + 4th Grades (May 29 - June 2)
Current 5th - 12th Grades (May 29 - June 2)

*Current 1st + 2nd Grades return on Wednesday, May 31 around 1pm.



Camp Week Mandatory Check-In is required for every individual attending camp. Parents can check-in their child/student on Sunday, May 28 from 8:15am-11:15am at The Bridge Fellowship. Camp Attendees will drop luggage off, get their bus assignment, drop off meds, purchase Merch, and ask any questions to our staff if needed. Read more details about this in the Parent Info that is to come.

We promise three things if you register...


We promise your child or student is going to experience Jesus. 


We promise your child or student will have insane amounts of fun. 


We promise to make it as safe of an experience as possible!

Current 1st + 2nd Grades:


Current 3rd - 12th Grades: Standard Rate:


** $150 non-refundable deposit due at time of registration. The only exception is in the case of an exposure or positive COVID-19 test.


Current 1st + 2nd Grades: Kids that are 1st + 2nd Grades will have a two day experience filled with worship, rec time, games, crafts, lessons, small groups, and lots of fun. Kids will room by gender + grade.

Current 3rd + 4th Grades: Kids that are 3rd + 4th Graders will have a five day experience filled with worship, rec time, games, crafts, lessons, small groups, and lots of fun. Kids will room by gender + grade.

Current 5th – 12th Grades: It’s going to be an unbeatable experience this summer where we will focus on growing our relationship with Jesus and having insane amounts of fun. We will have worship experiences, Tribe Wars (our annual camp competition), rec time, small groups, and so much more throughout the week.

This event cost covers: transportation, meals, lodging and really everything we are doing at camp. You will need to send money with your students + kids for Snack Shack.

We will also be taking an entire team of pastors, church staff, small group leaders, + volunteers. They are trained + background checked.

Our team will send out a packing list a few weeks out before the event to your email. If you have any specific questions please feel free to email our team at

No! We will be running two different camps so therefore schedules + activities will not line up for tbfKids and tbfStudents to be together. During camp we will have grade specific small groups, rooming arrangements, and Tribe competitions will be separate too.

Our team will use SHOFUR for all of our transportation. Our bus drivers are trained, licensed, and insured by their company as well.

Jonathan’s Creek will provide all of our meals once we arrive at camp.  They make sure to provide meals that everyone likes. As always we do encourage students to bring snacks and let us know if they have any major allergy restrictions so we can do our best to accommodate.

We would absolutely love to help you out financially. We don’t want any reason for your kids or students to not attend camp. If you need financial assistance, please complete this form: If you are able to pay at least $150 we encourage you to go ahead and register your child or student and then email our team. This helps your scholarship request go through faster.

If there is a question you have we didn’t answer, then please feel free to email us at

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